links for 2011-08-24

  • Gobansaor is an Excel-centric consultancy based in rural Kildare, just outside Dublin, Ireland, specialising in helping individuals and work groups make sense of, organise and manage their data. Be those individuals decision makers in large corporations, owner-managers of SMBs or sole-traders, the need is usually the same: save me time, save me money, or even save my sanity!

    Likewise work groups in large organisations often face the same problem as small businesses; a mismatch between the data that outsiders provide and the data required to support the processes and decisions at their particular coal-face.

    As a process automation and BI/ETL expert, and an Excel guru, with a deep understanding of business processes and data; I can quickly, and cost effectively, craft, or help you craft, final-mile solutions to your Business Intelligence (BI), reporting, data cleansing (ETL), data modelling and Excel related problems. 

  • Data is an invaluable tool for web designers who are making decisions about the user experience. A/B tests, or split tests, are one of the easiest ways to measure the effect of different design, content, or functionality. A/B tests allow you to create high-performing user experience elements that you can implement across your site. But it’s important to make sure you reach statistically significant results and avoid red herrings. Let’s talk about how to do that.

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