links for 2011-08-22

  • Can be said of many technical communities of course…

    "There is practically no good reason why FP concepts, algorithms and data structures could not be explained in plain English assisted by code examples, and quite a lot of the time such explanations would actually turn out to be much briefer.

    I love the Scala community and the eco-system around the language, but quite frankly, to foster the continued growth of the community, we need to call out the small minority of bullies on their bullshit whenever it occurs: being able to confuse and intellectually intimidate newbies to the language and community is not proving your supposed “intellectual superiority”, it is merely a reflection of an insecure ego and social incompetence."

  • Ideas are going to continue to become more valuable, which means that the urge to control and patrol them is going to get greater.

    Ideas that spread, win
    Networks in which ideas flow are worth more than networks without
    Great ideas are amplified when others build on them
    Just because an idea spreads doesn't mean it's good for us
    Locking down ideas makes them worth less
    Those in power will try to keep outsiders from bringing new ideas forward

    (tags: invention)

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