links for 2011-06-11

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  • There are many perspectives about what leadership is and how it should be done. Contrary to many recipe books on this topic, Tribal Leadership is a useful tool to assess the stage of your personal leadership style and evaluate the impact and the consequences of each stage. Although the backdrop of the book is that a higher leadership stage is better, the real value for me was as a tool to understand the culture and more importantly the people we deal with as part of Agile transitions.
  • Ignore the API discussion and focus on the social implications of Stu's commentary.

    "The assumption can't be that you will be the only site implementing your interface. The whole point of the Web is sharing information – publishing an API bakes in the assumption that YOU, the publisher, are in control. It is the consumer, on the other hand – the agent itself, that's in control of how/what the information is consumed or manipulated."

    In essence what's happening here is the "data wants to be free" philosophy which is admirable but somewhat incompatible with commerce for two reasons:

    (1) Ownership/Control is seen as a way to profit
    (2) The provider of the data could be unique – if they weren't at least relatively unique, they wouldn't exist, there'd be no value proposition.

    Can't help but feel that many are using REST as a means to put services/APIs outside their firewall on port 80. Seemingly that aspiration is not compatible with the ideal usage for REST. Interesting….

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  • What is

    Only very recently the three big search engines Bing, Google and Yahoo! introduced, a collection of schemas that webmasters can use to markup their pages. The search engines rely on this markup to improve the display of search results, making it easier for people to find the right web pages.
    This site is a complementary effort by people from the Linked Data community to express the terms provided by the consortium in RDF. We currently provide static RDFS documents of the terms in the formats listed below – and yes, we're heavily working on more 😉

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