links for 2009-08-06

  • 'chrpath' allows you to modify the dynamic library load path (rpath and runpath) of compiled programs and libraries.
    (tags: unix tool)
  • Defects Zero is a strategy for maximizing throughput. When a defect is reported, the team tests for it, fixes it, performs a root cause analysis, and remediates the source of the defect. While this is an immediate investment, it pays off over time. The team goes faster when fewer defects are being reported in the first place and when they can trust in their tests to tell them if the system is healthy.

    One of the adjustments I had to make when I dove back into startups was realizing that Defects Zero, with its focus on throughput, doesn’t make sense for projects on the runway, when latency is key. On the runway, the key is how many questions can you ask and answer, how many assumptions can you validate per unit time (and dollar).

    (tags: xp)

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